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Sakura Sakana is a timepiece built for the Pebble Time smartwatch, designed to tell time through story. While watches have traditionally expressed mathematical beauty through the synchrony of their cogs, this application embraces the step to smart watches by focusing on their strength: the ability to express time through abstract concepts. Inspiration for Sakura Sakana comes from a visit to a Zen temple, emphasizing its use as an item of meditation and thought. Take the world of Sakura Sakana with you and take the time to tune out for a scene of virtual Zen.

Guide to Reading Time with Sakura Sakana

  • Sakana (Japanese for "fish") represent the hour (3 fish = 3 o'clock, 12 fish = 12 o'clock, etc). Patterns of fish will enable you to determine the hour at a glance.
  • Sakura (meaning "cherry blossom flowers") represent the minutes. Sakura are clustered into sets of 15. When all 15 in a cluster are shown, they blossom. Blossoms occur at 15 minutes (1 tree blooming), 30 minutes (2 trees blooming), and 45 minutes (2 trees and a bonsai blooming).

Smartphone / Smartwatch Requirements

  1. Application requires a Pebble Time smartwatch, and
  2. either an iPhone or Android phone with the latest version of the Pebble application (check your smartphone's app store).

Installation Instructions

Install Sakura Sakana by clicking the download link for the Sakura.pbw file on your Android or iPhone. Once downloaded, select the Sakura.pbw file to open it and, when prompted, choose the Pebble App (available in your device's app store) to open the file.


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